Hear it from Japanese people! Is it true that honey can help heal oral ulcers?

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Mouth ulcers caused by inflammation of the oral mucosa are an undesirable problem. Because in addition to the pain and suffering, you will not be able to eat deliciously for a while. Thai people know that gargling with salt water 2-3 times a day can help heal mouth sores. But Japanese people have the wisdom to sweetly treat mouth sores. Using honey Let’s hear the facts from researchers at bee farms about whether honey can really heal oral ulcers or not. And how to use it?

Hear it from Japanese people! Is it true that honey can help heal oral ulcers?

Causes of oral ulcers

Oral ulcers are caused by inflammation of the oral mucosa, which may be caused by biting the oral tissue. Got scalded by something hot But the main cause is a weakened immune system due to fatigue and stress. This is especially true in early spring when Japanese people are often physically and mentally tired due to temperature changes and the stress of starting a new job. Inflammation of the oral mucosa is another sign that something is wrong with the body.

Lifestyle to make oral wounds heal quickly

If you have an ulcer in your mouth. The first thing to consider is sleep and food that help restore the body’s immune system. In terms of sleep, you should create an environment and good habits that make you sleep soundly, such as soaking in warm water at least 1-2 hours before bedtime and drinking warm drinks such as warm milk before going to bed, etc.

In terms of food, you should choose food that is nutritionally complete and balanced. Avoid things that can aggravate the wound, such as eating very spicy food or very hot food. Also, chew food thoroughly to reduce the burden on your stomach. If you find that your mouth hurts so much that you can’t chew food, then eat foods that are easy to eat and have nutritional value, such as rice porridge, vegetable soup, and various soups, etc. If you want your mouth sores to heal more quickly, you should eat foods that are rich. Rich in B vitamins such as eel, animal liver, blue fish. or may be supplemented with vitamin B complex,ยูฟ่าเบท etc.

Can honey really help heal oral ulcers?
Japanese people from ancient times treated mouth sores by applying honey to the wound. According to researchers at bee farms in Japan, honey, especially acacia honey and buckwheat honey, has good properties in treating oral inflammation. Because honey has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps heal mucosal wounds. It has an antibacterial effect that can aggravate inflammation in the mouth. Honey is also rich in vitamin B2, which helps maintain and restore the health of the skin and mucous membranes.

How to use honey to treat oral ulcers

Use a clean spoon or cotton swab soaked in honey and apply to the wound 3 times a day, without spitting out. In addition to honey, propolis (propolis) or bee glue, a natural product from honeycomb, has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses in the mouth and throat. which can be used to relieve throat irritation and sore throat Including treating mouth ulcers and gingivitis.

If using natural methods to treat oral wounds Instead of enduring the sting from gargling with salt water to treat mouth sores Let’s try using a sweet and delicious alternative from honey to treat inflammation in the mouth. Whatever the result, please share it with us.