Do you know what are the symptoms of “Depression”? and methods for taking care of and rehabilitating the mind

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” Depression ” is a disease that can occur during a person’s life. Just like other physical diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, being ” depressed ” does not mean that Those who are will be weak, failed, or incapable. But it’s just an illness. It can happen for a reason, such as loss, divorce, disappointment, and it can happen without any reason at all. Currently, this disease can be cured using medicine. psychological treatment or a combination of both

“ Depression ” medically or Clinical depression means depression that is more than just a sad mood. And it is a type of pathology found in many psychiatric diseases, especially mood disorders, namely  (Major Depressive Disorder or Depressive Episode) and bipolar disorder  ( Bipolar Disorder), some medical diseases. Some medicinal substances can cause severe depression.

Do you know what are the symptoms of "Depression"? and methods for taking care of and rehabilitating the mind

Common causes of “depression”

Common causes that trigger depression are: Having both genetic risks, mental health conditions, and being exposed to bad situations together are all 3 factors.

  1. Depression is caused by stress.However, people who have no relatives who have ever been sick may develop this disease. It is often found that patients with this disease have abnormal chemical levels. created by brain cells to maintain emotional balance
  2. Psychological conditions resulting from upbringingIt is another risk factor for depression as well. People who lack self-esteem view themselves and the world in which they live in a negative light all the time. Or are easily stressed when faced with life’s storms? All of this makes them more likely to get sick.
  3. Facing dire situationsFor example, if one’s life encounters a great loss, one must have a chronic illness. Relationships with close people are not smooth. Or there must be a change in a way that is not desired. It may trigger the onset of depression.

How to prevent depression

  1. Don’t get yourself involved in complicated situations.
  2. Don’t set goals that are difficult to achieve. Or go in and take on a lot of responsibility.
  3. Try to break big tasks down into smaller tasks. Choose to do more important things first ยูฟ่าเบท Then do it as fully as possible.
  4. Don’t expect too much from yourself, because that’s setting you up for failure.
  5. Participate in activities that you might enjoy, such as exercising, watching movies, watching sports, or participating in religious or social activities. But don’t overdo it or get irritated. If it doesn’t instantly help you feel more comfortable. Because it may take some time
  6. Don’t make big life decisions like resigning, changing jobs, getting married, or getting divorced without consulting with other people who know you well. Have a neutral perspective on the problem. Whatever the reason Try to postpone your decision until your condition improves.
  7. Don’t expect to recover from depression like this. “Shortcut with one finger” because it is difficult Try to help yourself as much as possible. without blaming yourself for that That didn’t go away because I didn’t try or wasn’t good enough.
  8. Remember not to accept pessimistic thoughts. Tell yourself that it is part of the symptoms of the disease. and will disappear when the symptoms of the disease improve