Swan fans are thrilled! After seeing the Bellingham & Gerrard interview after the Euro qualifiers

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This event even made the Kop’s hearts flutter after seeing the post-game interview of their hero Steven Gerrard with Jude Bellingham, a player who has reportedly become a key target. of the team in the summer

   Jude Bellingham and Steven Gerrard exchanged praise after England ‘s 2-0 win over Ukraine at Wembley Stadium. Last night. Gareth Southgate ‘s men won two consecutive games in UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying, this UFABET game the Three Lions won 2-0. And Bellingham once again played a key role in midfield for Southgate’s side. And Gerrard, who works as a game analyst for Channel 4, highly praised the 19-year-old and compared him when he was younger to Bellingham.

Swan fans are thrilled! After seeing the Bellingham & Gerrard interview after the Euro qualifiers

          Bellingham’s idol Gerrard was on the sidelines as he commented on the game as a Channel 4 pundit and the pair gave interviews after England’s victory. When asked if Gerrard is one of his greatest role models Bellingham replied: “Of course. But now I’m nervous! What Stevie can do, the team he plays for, how he can lead the team, how he can win games on his own, he can do it all as a midfielder.”

  He turned to Gerrard and added: “I’ve said many times how much I admire you and your game. It’s a pleasure to be here right now.” The Liverpool and England legend replied: ” Let me tell you. (In comparison) At your age, you are far ahead of me. So you’re definitely going in the right direction . ” “Hmm…but he’s physically better than when I was 19. No, I’m serious! I never had that strength and strength until I was 22 or 23 years old.”

          “So he is definitely more physically developed than me. He has more confidence than me on the ball. In terms of trying to do things I’m not saying it to look humble. But I think he went further than when I was 19.” “Don’t get me wrong. I got to where I wanted to go. And he’ll go where he wants if he keeps doing what he’s doing. He’s in a great position. He just has to play well, keep playing well. and everything will be fine on its own.”

         Liverpool fans will be hoping Gerrard can convince the youngster to move to Anfield this summer, Sportsmail reveals he remains a top target for Jürgen Klopp. Manchester City are ‘more confident’ in signing Bellingham this year, with Real Madrid also set to join the race to sign the England midfielder.