Pop up a new clip. What exactly happened between Messi and Wakehorst?

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Revealed a new clip showing what really happened. Definitely between Lionel Messi and Vout Wakehorst after the World Cup quarter-final in Qatar late last year.

     A never-before-seen video of Lionel Messi and Vout Wakehorst having a heated brawl during the World Cup has surfaced online. and showed what really happened. between the couple During the path to the world championship of the Blue and White Army Messi and his UFABET team face the Netherlands in the quarter-finals in Qatar. And it was two Wakehorst goals that put the team back on track late in the game at the Lucille Stadium.

Pop up a new clip. What exactly happened between Messi and Wakehorst?

  However, tensions reached a boil during the penalty shootout, with Denzel Dumfries being sent off after taking a penalty. And that led Messi to yell in his post-match interview: “What are you looking at, idiot? Get your head off!” Initially at that time The identity of the person Messi yelled at is still unknown. But the latest clip has been revealed to each other. I think he’s a loan player for Manchester United. Which at that time was still playing football at Besiktas like Wake Horst

    The latest video has emerged showing Wakehorst waiting in the stands for an interview with reporters. And he caught the eye of Messi during the interview. Messi then walked back to the dressing room. where Wakehorst offers him a hand to hold. But being rejected by the Argentinian, Wakehorst blasted Lautaro Martinez:  “I was waiting for him and wanted to shake his hand. So he did that? It’s clearly insulting.”

    The Dutchman was then pushed off by his future team-mate Lisandro Martinez. Wakehorst Became the hero of the shocking orange knights that night. After a 2-0 lead, the game seemed to end in a comfortable victory for them, but Wakehorst scored two goals in the 83rd minute and 90+3 to finish the 90 minutes with two goals. -2 Had to go to play another 30 minutes of extra time, but it appeared that neither side could add more, ending with a score of 2-2, having to go to the penalty shootout to decide the result . 4-3 on penalties, 6-5 on aggregate, but Wakehorst’s two goals almost ended Messi’s World Cup dreams.

         Messi spoke about this incident in January. He revealed that he was unhappy with his actions: “I don’t like this picture.” “I don’t like what I do. There was a lot of tension and it came naturally. A lot happened to this player and the other two during the match. it comes out naturally I don’t like this picture.”