Luton Town 3-4 Arsenal: Collected after the Premier League game, the Gunners cheated death and overtook the Sinful Minute to grab 3 points.

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Declan Rice scored the winning goal for Arsenal in the 90+7th minute, helping the attacking team to grab 3 points over newly-promoted Luton Town 3-4 in the Premier League game, midweek on Tuesday night.

Luton Town 3-4 Arsenal: Collected after the Premier League game, the Gunners cheated death and overtook the Sinful Minute to grab 3 points.

Cannon cheats death

One of the characteristics of a team competing for the championship is that you must have the opportunity to “cheat death” and come back to win. In this match, Arsenal also proved that they can do it, being hit hard by Luton’s attack. No matter how much you shoot, it can all be returned. There was also a time when they were overtaken 3-2. The only way to prevent the home team from catching up was to shoot at the last minute. It was Declan Rice who provided the header to score the winning goal for Arsenal to overtake and win 3-4 in the second. The end of injury time Take home the victory in a shocking way.

Luton came in better than expected.

It must be said that it is a pity for the new. Luton Town that today they showed their spirit in front of the fans in a worthy fight with Arsenal the leader. With the laying down of pieces that focuses on playing the game heavily. Cutting the game down to the ball to man. There was also a trick from a corner kick that caused the Gunners’ defense to go into chaos. Unfortunately, it seems that this was not enough to gain points. As the away team’s attacking game was still fierce and unrivaled, scoring the winning goal in extra time. Which if Mikel Arteta’s team doesn’t win in this สมัคร ufabet game. It must be said that it is not strange at all if you look at Luton Town’s performance tonight. Because even Liverpool themselves were unable to invade and grab 3 points from this field. yes

Raya did it again.

One of the reasons why Arsenal must be extremely tired in this game is probably the mistake of David Raya, who made a clear noise today that caused the team to lose 2 goals both. When he came out and missed the ball and cut the ball. Causing Arsenal to be extremely tired in this game. Debayo cut in front and headed in. Including the third goal, although Ross Barkley must be praised for finding the opportunity to finish excellently. But the shot was almost direct, and Raya himself should have been able to block it easily. But it turned out that he chose to abandon his receiver and that caused the ball to flow through the goal. Best of all, the team was able to come back. Otherwise this mistake would have seriously damaged their hopes for the championship in the end.

Continuously leading the pack Ready for a tough game in the next match.

3 points in this game makes artillery trooper Definitely guaranteed to continue being the leader without having to wait to see the results of other pairs with 36 points, temporarily 5 points clear of 2nd place Liverpool, while Luton Town continues to struggle with escaping relegation. After the game they were still ranked 17th with 9 points, only 2 points above the danger zone.

In the next match schedule for both teams, Luton will continue to face hard work with their home opener to welcome the visit of Manchester City, while Arsenal will face a tough challenge as well, having to attack Villa Park at home. of Aston Villa, where former boss Unai Emery is leading the high-flying team to hope to be at the top of the table at this time.