Gerrard blasts Chelsea players after England’s win over Ukraine

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Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard criticized a Chelsea star after England beat Ukraine 2-0 in Euro 2024 qualifying last night.

 Steven Gerrard criticized Chelsea ‘s Mikailo Mudric for his role in England’s first goal against Ukraine. Last night. Gareth Southgate ‘s team won 2-0 at Wembley Stadium. Causing 2 wins from 2 games in the Euro 2024 qualifying round, with Harry Kane opening the score in the 37th minute from the moment Bukayo Saka moved to pick up the ball on the right before hijacking it into the lap into the area. Penalty crossed over to the far post, returning ‘Ken’ to charge into the goal.

Gerrard blasts Chelsea players after England's win over Ukraine

          Saka scored himself three minutes later, from the moment Jordan Henderson got the ball and then taped it for Saka to rock away . Natoli Trubin thrusts into the far-post window. The Arsenal star was able to open the UFABET ball for Kane’s goal unobstructed and Mudric was unable to put enough pressure on his opponent or make him use his undominant foot. This work Gerrard The former Liverpool captain believes Ukraine boss Ruslan Rotan will not be impressed by the winger’s efforts.

          “From the perspective of Ukraine It was a great play from England when they dominated the field for more than a minute. But you will be very disappointed if you are Mudric’s coach, ” Gerrard told Channel 4. “With all due respect. He still has to learn the game. But you know you have to get Saka to use the right foot. You can’t let him open with your left foot. Because it’s a psychic foot. And he did it with precision.

 Saka has been enjoying an incredible season playing a key role in guiding Arsenal to the top of the Premier League table , contributing 13 goals and 10 assists this term. S, 21, and 19-year-old Jude Bellingham both stood out at Wembley as Southgate’s manager. praised both after the game

         “It’s the spirit that stands out,” he says. “Everybody can see the technical quality. But these two children were humble and wanted to learn. They work incredibly hard. “It’s a top-level finish [from Saka], that’s the ruthless part he’s added to his game over the last 18 months. Many times you are not sure how he will finish. But now he has confidence in front of the goal.