Don’t care about calories! Grealish reveals his habit of eating Chinese food after every game

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England and Manchester City star Jack Grealish has revealed he has made a habit of ordering takeout Chinese food after every Manchester City game, despite the fact that it’s against the nutritional requirements of a footballer.

    England and Manchester City star Jack Grealish has revealed his habit of eating lavishly after every game by ordering five Chinese dishes to celebrate. The winger is in fine form for both club and country. The secret to this footballer’s success may come from the unlikely. Most footballers have a nutritionist and a strict diet, but Grealish has revealed he will follow his own preferences to take home groceries after playing.

Don't care about calories! Grealish reveals his habit of eating Chinese food after every game

         Grealish said in an interview on Manchester City ‘s TikTok account : “I love Chinese food. After every game I’m going to have one menu. I go to Wing’s in Manchester. Always take it out,” he continues. “I bought Singapore fried noodles, egg fried rice, salt and pepper roasted potatoes, salt and pepper prawns. ” And then the curry sauce. “

         The meal will cost up to £50 at his local Chinese restaurant Wing’s in Manchester. which he regularly eats Singaporean noodles cost £20.40 and was the most expensive meal he ordered. His order is unclear until now.

    He also previously revealed to Sportsmail that he ate 16 ice cream scoops during his time in New York City. By admitting he felt the impact when he returned to Manchester “You can get crazy room service, like 16 ice creams!” he says when referring to his stay at the Park Plaza hotel in Manhattan. “That’s what I got from the movie [Home Alone] I like that movie Someone told me about it. (US pre-season tour) So we went around. Central Park”

         “I went back to training on Wednesday and thought ‘no way I’m going to be involved in the game’ and then in the 70th minute he (Pep Guardiola) said ‘Jack, go on!’ I was like, ‘What the hell is this!’ I ‘m so mad!  His habit of eating Chinese food after UFABET games. Because his dining at Wing’s will undoubtedly continue.