Agent Greenwood sings ghost don’t pickle the players hurry to decide the future

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Agent Mason Greenwood, the young striker acquitted the rape case, accelerating. Manchester United’s internal examination to complete. If you don’t want the players to stay for fear of problems should be released to other teams to use

The Athletic, famous media in the land of good people. News reports that Laurie Whitwell. Agent of Mason Greenwood, Manchester United ‘s young striker, came out to call for the player’s agency. Quickly decide whether to stay in football at Old Trafford or let go to play for another UFABET team. After acquittal from the scandal. But also suspended from work indefinitely because it is under investigation internally

Agent Greenwood sings ghost don't pickle the players hurry to decide the future

The 21-year-old has not played for the Red Devils in over a year. Since being charged with attempted rape Mayhem and imprison young women but in early February. He received good news when Office of the Attorney General Decided not to prosecute such lawsuits. After the withdrawal of the key witnesses And there is new evidence to refute the allegations.

However, getting out of this scandalous case It’s not enough to allow United to spearhead the elite. Back on the field again Because his behavior still needs to be investigated. along with the concerns Especially with the women’s soccer team. While some of the club’s commercial partners are also monitoring the situation closely, Greenwood ‘s representatives have called for action to be taken.

“Mason is 21 years old. He has been cleared of charges and should be given the opportunity to start over and move forward with his young life. He must be allowed to play again,” said Wittell, insisting that if he does not want to use this shin, he should let the player leave to have a better future with another team. not frozen His football contract runs until 2025.

The report further states that Earlier, there were clubs from Turkey and Chinese Super League contacted to buy the player, but they were already rejected. That shows that the Red Devils still see the opportunity to return to be an important force for the team. But there are conflicting opinions and high-level executives. is driving decision-making one way or another in order not to prolong this matter further